Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

Greater (Eleusinian) Mysteries: 2nd Day (Seaward Initiates)

September 30

(Greek) Ancient: 15–21 Boedromion (the festival begins on the full moon and continues to the third quarter)
In origin the Great (Eleusinian) Mysteries were a festival for the autumn sowing. They are, of course, mysteries, so some things about them remain concealed, in particular, the contents of the Sacred Kistai (boxes) and the actual initiation of the Mustai (Initiates). Anyone can be initiated, regardless of age or sex.

The festival is conducted by the Archon Basileus and four assistants. Two of these, the Hierophantes and Dadoukhos (Torch Bearer) wear the ependutes (a long-sleeved tunic ornamented at the hem and shoulders), headband and Thracian knee-boots; they carry one or two long torches. Further, there are Mustagogoi (Initiate Guides), who guide individual postulants, often their friends, through the initiation.

2nd day: “Seaward, Initiates”
The second day is for purification. The postulants travel to the sea (or other place of ritual cleansing). On the order “Seaward Initiates!” they enter the water with their offering so that both may be purified by salt water.

In ancient times the offering was a piglet, which was supplied to the postulant, for the pig is sacred to Demeter. In the evening the piglet was sacrificed and the postulant was sprinkled with its blood; later there might be a feast on the pork. Nowadays we might use an ear of corn as an offering and sprinkle the postulant with water in which the corn has been boiled.