Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

Dialexis Phos

Το φως υπηρκοσμιος

This is an operation that is an essential component to many rituals of the Greek Magical tradition. It is used to assist the Glorian in acting as a living "channel" to bring the Supernal Light down into the ritual space. This technique should be practiced for at least three months in conjunction to regular ritual practice.

  1. Perform a banishing exercise within the ritual space.
  2. Sit for a few moments in meditation, while you attune yourself to the silence.
  3. Close you eyes and visualize a vastness of brilliant light swirling above you. This is the Divine Essence.
  4. Raise your arms to the sky & recite the invocation:
  5. Let the white brilliance of the Divine Light descend.

  6. Now see it descending and flooding the ritual space, bathing you in the power.
  7. Draw upon the Supernal Light. Equilibrate it throughout your body by performing the Hellenistic Cross.
  8. Then vibrate the formulae:

    Light in Extension

  9. Now chant the L.V.X. invocation below (taken from The Law of the Divine):
  10. I am the Light.

    The Light is within me.

    The Light surrounds me.

    The Light protects me.

    I am the Light.

    Repeat the invocation until you are completely filled with the Light.

  11. Speak what is in your heart on the magical effects you wish (if any).