Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

Hellenic Alexandrian Ritual of the Pentagram

I. The Hellenistic Cross

  1. Stand in the Center, equipped with Athame.
  2. Extend the arms in the form of the Tau Cross, and vibrate: ΕΙΣΑΙ
  3. With the instrument in right hand, touch the forehead, and vibrate: ΣΤΦΑΝΟΣ
  4. Touch the genital area, and vibrate: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΑ
  5. Touch the right shoulder and vibrate: και-ΔΥΝΑΜΙΣ
  6. Touch the left shoulder and vibrate: και-ΔΟΞΑ
  7. Touch breasts and vibrate: Συνεργος

II. Setting of the Wards of Power

  1. Draw an invoking pentagram before you. Touch your forehead with the Athame.
  2. Extend your Athame out, turn to the East and vibrate: ΜεΘυδωτην
  3. Turn to the South and vibrate: Ιερωτατος
  4. Turn to the West and vibrate: Παμμητιερα
  5. Turn to the North and vibrate: Κεροεσσα
  6. Say: "I am a Child of Earth & Starry Heaven; Love is the Law, Love under Will"
  7. Stand in the form of a Pentagram and say in a firm voice:

    Before me - ΕΡΜΗΣ
    Behind me - ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΑ
    On my right hand - ΗΦΑΕΣΤΟΣ
    On my left hand - ΔΗΜΗΤΡΑ
    Above me - ΑΠΟΛΛΟΝ
    Below me - ΠΕΡΣΕΦΟΝΕ

    About me flames the Star of Five
    And within me burn the Powers of the Sphinx

  8. Now, you may perform whatever magical effects you desire.