Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

Dialexis a Stauros

Διαλεξις α Σταυρος

The Hellenistic Cross

  1. Stand in the Center, equipped with Athame.
  2. Extend the arms in the form of the Tau Cross, and vibrate: ΕΙΣΑΙ
  3. With the instrument in right hand, touch the forehead, and vibrate: ΣΤΦΑΝΟΣ
  4. Touch the genital area, and vibrate: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΑ
  5. Touch the right shoulder and vibrate: και-ΔΥΝΑΜΙΣ
  6. Touch the left shoulder and vibrate: και-ΔΟΞΑ
  7. Touch breasts and vibrate: Συνεργος


The exercise above is a practical application derived from the Law of the Divine.

The names of power written above are referring to the Kylix, the spheres of emanation that comprise the Hellenistic Tree of Life. Beginning in the stance of the Tau Cross, the word Eisai is vibrated. This word translates to "Thou art."

The Tau Cross Position

The vertical bar of the cross is formed with the axis, symbolizing the synthesis of Stephanos and Basileia (Heaven & Kingdom). This is seen in the bar-phrase “We celebrate the Kingdom of Earth & Sky...”

The horizontal bar connects the spheres of Doxa & Dynamis, balancing the polarized concepts of Force and Form. The completion of the Cross lies in the vibration of the word Synergos, meaning “working together in harmony.” This action is witnessed from the bar-phrase “The union of the two form the existing whole.” Synergos might also be understood as the result of the union.

The words presented above translate as follows: “from Heaven to Kingdom, with the Power, and the Glory, working together.”