Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

Balance of Light and Night

by Bella Sundancer

Remember hearing about the times when storytellers of old would stand around smoking campfires and spin their tales of good and evil? If only I could have been there. I would have told my story of how the sunrise became a sentinel of the balance between good and evil. The story begins!

King Adam, ruler of Night, always was a feisty soul--a soul that craved power and sucked it in like a black hole. His crash with Queen Ireet, Ruler of Light, the night the sunrise was created marks the path of triumph revealed to humankind. Let us travel to that forsaken night and watch the battle, to alert all of the lesson to be learned.

Adam stood on his balcony watching the Sun travel beneath the Earth. The only thing he awaited was the coming of hisenemy.

"Ah, I have waited long for this night. All those battles before, they were nothing. But tonight I will kill the Queen who dares to drive me from showing the real purpose of life. No worse than death, I’ll wipe her essence from the plane of existence. That’s what I’ll do. Just think of the pleasure that disposing of that petty annoyance and becoming Supreme Ruler will bring!"

"Adam, well met on a night such as this."

"Ireet! Why are you here? You know I’ll win!"

"Save your breath, you’ll need it for the battle."

"I’ll not waste time nor air on you. Prepare for defeat!"

"I would speak the same for you! The Good of Light and Nature shall triumph tonight!"

"Mindless Queen! She knows not the power I can call. Enough! On to the spell!

Boil, sky with all your might
Search the long-forgotten path
Awake at last! For now we fight
The Stubborn Ones who purge our wrath

Send the power through my veins
Twist my flesh to darker shapes
Hark! For now my greatness wanes
A husk, my tortured body gapes

Crush the light with blood-flecked claws
Still the breath that nature brings
Flee o trees! Escape my paws!
Die! No more your laughter sings

Hasten death and murky gloom
Spread the fire throughout the land
Bake the Earth to burning doom
By the power in my hand

The time of battle now draws near
Harden up my killing bones
Inflict the mortal pain and fear
Cast their souls among the stones

At last I go to murder all
The Stubborn Ones who cling to life
Lightning! Strike my body’s wall!
Thunder! Spread the evil strife!

"And now the power of the evil ones comes upon me! Die O’ foul queen! This fight shall be your last!"

"How can I defeat the Evil Ones? Ireet, don’t underestimate yourself. I can call just as much power as he, even more, for the Mystery of Life is the power upon which I call!

I the Queen of Nature here
Fight the ones who dare to kill
Those who burn and inflict fear
Our planets’ living blood to spill

Come! O’ power of the past
The Truth of Ages long gone by
We who fight, we are the last
Without your help we all will die

Fire, Water, Air, and Earth
The skeleton of peace and life
We depend on you from birth
Dare let us fall beneath their knife?

Quench the foul destroyer’s wrath
Send his body to the ground
Cover him with stones and laugh
Let the Song of Life resound

Grow! O’ Life beneath the rocks
Flying water, hear my plea
Grass and flowers, flying flocks
Roll in now! Come! Come to me!

Leaf! O’ living branch of Light
Flay the power of the Dark
At last we warriors go to fight
Power of Nature, Bay and Bark!"

"What approaches? Grass? Gentle rain?? Ireet, what are you doing! Grass, Earth, you burn! My blood, it leaves my body!! I will…die? No, I will not! I will regain my power! You cannot destroy me, Queen of Light! I will be back!"

"What he says is true. Though I can’t destroy his power, I can guide people away from his influence; and I’ll use his blood to do it! Here’s his putrid blood. I’ll dye it different colours: bright orange, soft pink, triumphant blue, and valiant purple, all mixed together, a mosaic of truth and justice! There! This brilliant painting will mark the coming of Day, the intersection of Night and Light. But will people heed its message? Will my workbe all in vain? People! Learn the lesson of the Sunrise: keep good and evil in balance in life. Only then will beauty triumph! Farewell my people, I can only hope that you have time to learn! Farewell!"

Ah, now there’s a story. Fit indeed for the dark times and the light times and all the in-between times. But has the lesson been learned? Ah, time will tell, my beauties, time will tell.