Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

Hymn to Hephaestos

by Lady Bella Sundancer
Hail Hephaestos, Lord of Crafts
High Lord of smiths and metallurgy
Lord of the fiery depths, you pound and shape
Turning the earth as you turn your metal
From your bounty we make implements
Tools, weapons, contraptions, devices
The Cyclops are your faithful helpers
Down in Aetna’s fiery core
Your forge burns day and night
Always hot, always bright
You are the tireless workman
Always with some new innovation to explore
You shun company for your trade
Never must the hammer stop pounding
Something might be missed, some new thing undiscovered
Every facet must be seen, every possibility measured
Your fire is the fire of creation, the fire of creativity
From your fire business emerges and booms
Craft becomes trade becomes commerce
And you have new exotic materials with which to forge
Though lonely, you are the undiscovered talent
One million ideas squirming in your mind
And when you are crafting, none can turn your focus
Even if they come to visit and ease your pain
Yet that is soon forgotten and you are back to the joy of metal
The joy of uncovering the diamond in the rough
Bending the elements to your will
Lord of the fiery forge, we ask for your blessing
On all projects, and for new ideas to explore