Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

Hymn to Hermes

by Lady Bella Sundancer
Hail Hermes, full of grace
Your lily white hands wave wantonly in the wild wind
Your caduceus with its snakes entwined
Loops with easy movement by your side
Lithe limber lord we look to you as guide
To the Underworld and its fright
Yet trickster and fool find you welcome
Criminal and businessman are your bedfellows
Your mind races on flights of fancy
Thoughts and dreams of frivolity mellow
A tease and a buffoon
Yet you are the most serious of oracles
When winter draws the snow around the moon
Music you find a pastime, and dance
Yet scholarly pursuits as well, given the chance
Lady Fortuna is your friend
Apollo finds you a cheeky mate
Zeus smiles in proud embrace
Hermaphrodite is your subtle twin
Lord of Air, Lord of Light
Lord of Darkness, Lord of Night
We look to you for a happy heart, a full mind,
And wishes of prosperity