Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

Public Paganicon Presentation: African Threads in the Fabric of the Hellenic World

Sunday, Mar 24 2019 at 2:45 pm

Lodge: Our Lady of Celestial Fire (MN)
Location: Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West in Plymouth, MN

3131 Campus Dr (map appears in a new window)
Plymouth MN 55441
Phone number of location: 763-559-6600 (Crowne Plaza)
Alternate phone number of location: 763-280-4334 (Clio Ajana)
Location contact person: Clio Ajana
Cowrie shells are commonly known in New Orleans Voodoo, but have been found in Ancient Egypt as well as in Native Faith traditions like Serbian Vlach. Hellenic Diasporic research shows us that a great deal of African history can be found in Ancient Greek history, from Poseidon's romantic pursuits with women of Ancient Aethiopia to the Africans that immigrated to the town called Avato (in the Xanthi region of Greece). This is the grove of Diversity, as we define Multicultural Paganism for the modern Pagan era.