Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

Gnostic Order of Threskian Templars

This is for Distance-Correspondence students only. If you reside with the Upper Midwest region of the U.S. (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota), please contact the E.O.C.T.O. Office of the Kerux directly. You may also visit the G.O.T.T. Membership Information page.

Aspirants 0=0° Study Program

These are the practices and studies that the Order requires for the Aspirant probationary period, which shall last for 60 days. A formal examination is required in these matters before advancement to the Glorian degree.

  1. Study The Law of the Divine.
  2. Keep a daily Journal or Magickal Diary.
  3. Begin practice of both The Hellenistic Cross and Dialexis Phos. Twice daily use is wise.
  4. Study Biblio Panthos. Understand the purpose of its doctrine.
  5. Keep in touch with the Office of the Kerux.

Glorian Degree Study Program

The Surrendered Mortal; Seeker of Illumination

These are the practices that the Order requires for the Glorian Degree. Additional information will be provided in your study guide, which is issued at Initiation. An examination is required in these practices before advancement to the First Degree.

  1. Continue and elaborate the practices and studies of the Aspirant Program. All are important.
  2. Become proficient in the following: Dialexis Phos, The Hellenistic Cross and The Witches Law.
  3. Begin or continue study in the following: Greek Qabalah, Gnosticism, Witchcraft, Totemism, Pantheism, Animism and Ceremonial Magic.
  4. Consider the option of Initiation. Understand that advancement to the 1st degree requires a strong Oath to the Church & Order.
  5. Begin and/or continue the study of Tarot. Learn the Greek Cross spread.

First Degree Study Program

These are the practices that the Order requires for the First Degree. The remainder can be found in your study guide. An examination is required in these practices before advancement to the Second Degree.

  1. Continue with Aspirant & Glorian programs, as all materials are important.
  2. Learn and become proficient in the following:
  3. Begin a general study of all these fields, specializing in one in greater depth:
    • Theosophy
    • Gnosticism & the Primal Ogdoad
    • Qabalah
    • Thelema & Threskia
    • Alchemy
    • Tarot & Divination
    • Astrology
    • Another field approved by the Magister Templi
  4. Take responsibility for some task that directly benefits our Order. With the 2nd degree, the candidate should possess an ability to function as part of the Church & Order in Official capacities.
  5. Take time each day to meditate on the Middle Pillar.
  6. Perform some work that will endure beyond your own physical lifetime: write and be published, speak in public, produce a work of art, have and nurture a child (or perform some similar work, either physical or magickal, that will pass beyond the minds of yourself & your immediate associates), development of new magickal procedures, or another act approved by the Magister Templi.
  7. Analyze your magickal diary from some definite point of view; e.g. endeavor to determine the point at which virtue becomes vice, as: sympathy degenerating into pity, advice into meddling, temperance into apathy, excellence into illusion, gentleness into shallowness, assertiveness into tyranny. Perhaps assign elements to your traits to determine imbalances. Also, try to determine what about yourself/life you can’t laugh at. Record your findings in your diary with both theoretical views and actual examples from your daily life.
  8. Learn and become familiar with some part of the tradition or foundation of the G.O.T.T. & E.O.C.T.O., and the signs, grips and words of the Glorian and Protogonos degrees.
  9. Fulfill all obligations regarding the Protogonos study guide.
  10. Create and perform an original ritual.