Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

Grades of the Hellenic Alexandrian Tradition

The Unnamed Illuminated Order of A.P.H.G.

XIII° Dracomorphe

XII° Kosmos

XI° Lexeon

House of the Builders of Eternity

(link = Pontifex Maximus)

X° Bythos

IX° Ennoia

VIII° Nous

VII° Aletheia

VI° Logos

V° Zoe

IV° Anthropos

New Order of Pantheist Theion

(link = Deukalionos)

5:1=III° Pantos Psyche
(Archieron tou he Theotites)

5:1=II° Mystagogos
(Hieron tou he Thiasos)

5:1=I° Protogonos (Mageia tou he Thiasos)

10=0° Glorian
(The Surrendered Mortal; The Seeker of Illumination)

The N.P.O.T. degrees are contained within the Lesser Mysteries of Nature. Degrees 0-3 pertain to Pantheist Magic, Thaumaturgy, and the Terrestrial World. The formulas of the the N.P.O.T. are explained by “the 5 which combine into the 1.”

The H.B.E./H.T.A. degrees are contained within the Greater Mysteries of Nature. Degrees 4-10 pertain to Olympic Theurgy, PanAeonic Magic, Titanic Magic, & the Celestial World. Admission to these degrees is by invitation only, in the sense that they require an undisputable devotion the religion.

The degrees of the Unnamed Illuminated Order of A.P.H.G. are beyond the power of knowledge to humanity and the physical world. Therefore, the nature of these degrees cannot be commented upon.