Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

New Pantheist Order of Theion

(Νουος Ορδο Πανθεος Θειον)

The New Pantheist Order of Theion is the Outer Order of the G.O.T.T., as well as the first order of entrance. It is comprised of 4 principal degrees of initiation, in which the seeker will experience the first transmissions of the Hellenic Alexandrian Tradition.

The candidate begins as a Glorian Witch, where he/she will first experience the spiritual Gnosis & Illumination of the Greek Esoteric Magical Current. The Glorian will also undertake the trials and tribulations of the probationary grade, as well as begin his/her instruction in the arcane practices of Witchcraft, Olympic Gnosticism, Hellenistic Thaumaturgy, and Pantheism.

Degrees 0-III are centered within the teachings of the Lesser Mysteries of Nature, and will promulgate the Universal Doctrine of Pantheism, as well as the Law of the Divine.

The formulas of the degrees are explained by the axiom “the 5 which combine into the 1.”

(Link = Deukalionos)

5:1=III° Pantos Psyche
(Archieron tou he Theotites)

5:1=II° Mystagogos
(Hieron tou he Thiasos)

5:1=I° Protogonos
(Mageia tou he Thiasos)

10=0° Glorian
(The Surrendered Mortal; Seeker of Illumination)

0=0° Aspirant*

*This degree is designed to facilitate seekers who are not able to experience in-person teachings and/or Initiation.

The Aspirant will undergo a period of 2 months, in which time he/she will begin a modified course of study. If after this probationary period, the Aspirant demonstrates the ability to continue in a progressive fashion, he/she will be assigned 2 Sponsors and will be advanced into the Glorian degree.

The Aspirant degree is not considered separate from the Glorian degree, and all who are advanced will continue in the curriculum without interruption of their studies.