Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

Magical Orders of the E.O.C.T.O.

Order of LVX

The Order of LVX is an Esoteric Holy Order exclusive to priests/priestesses of GOTT, Temple of Olympus, and GCZA; those who have been entrusted with knowledge of the Hellenic Orthodox religion. Individuals ordained into this body have accepted the Great Work, and accept the duty & service of the GOTT.


Membership in this Order is in Silence, in respect to those Initiates who choose to perform the Great Work without disturbance.


Collegium Artificium

The Collegium Artificium is a Holy Order to which all Ordained Clergy may belong. It is a body that extends beyond any one organization/religious path, in hopes to encompass all those who have been ordained in a religious doctrine. Any individual who is in the Priesthood may be Ordained and welcomed into this Holy Order, regardless of one’s religious tradition

Members of the Collegium Artificium are fully Initiated/Ordained by EOCTO/Celestials, and are called the “Guardians of the Art”, for they are ever called to protect the sacred rites of Art. Membership requirements for this Order may be acquired through the Office of the Kerux.


Order of the Pleroma

The Order of the Pleroma is a Holy Order exclusive to those Initiates who hold the rank of Magister/Magistra Templi or higher. This body transcends any one organization/affiliation. Membership in this Order is automatic upon appointment as a Magister/Magistra Templi. Membership requirements may be acquired through the Office of the Kerux.


Gnostic Church of Zeus Arrhenothelus

G.C.Z.A. is the Ecclesiastical & Liturgical arm of G.O.T.T. All members of G.O.T.T. are encouraged, but not necessarily required, to seek Lay membership and/or Ordination in G.C.Z.A. The religious doctrine is exclusive to the Greek Thelemic Gnostic Religion. Membership is open to the public, and transcends any one organization/affiliation. Only the most devoted and secure of Individuals need apply.



The Celestial Order of I.C.E.D. is an Affiliate Magical Order contained within the Invisible Grove, under the direct guidance of Lady Rras. This is a Mystery Path and a closed group. Membership in I.C.E.D. is by invitation only and by a unanimous vote by all members. I.C.E.D. is both a teaching & working circle. I.C.E.D. members are expected to be of serious mind and practice, and all work is to be completed in Silence. Membership inquiries may be directed to the Invisible Grove.


Gnostic Order of Threskian Templars (G.O.T.T.)

The G.O.T.T. is an Arcane School of the Magickal Arts, teaching the Art & Science of Witchcraft & Pantheism within the Greek Esoteric Magical Tradition. It is a Magical, Religious, and Scientific Order within Temple of Olympus; and is dedicated to the vital perpetuation of Ars Antiqua: the teachings of Plato, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Valentinus, and other Ancients & Saints of the religion; combined with the more contemporary influences of knowledge, such as Aleister Crowley and Helena P. Blavatsky. The principal function of the G.O.T.T. is to assist in the initiation of aspirants into the Magical Life of Gnostic-Threskian Witchcraft. It is a discipline of the New Millennium, where men and women, by the essential aids of The Law of the Divine, can participate in the Great Work of E.O.C.T.O.