Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus/Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus

E.O.C.T.O. and Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. To protect your privacy—this Privacy Policy explains all our online information practices, the choices you can make regarding the use of your information, and how your information is kept confidential. Should you have questions about this Policy, please contact us by emailing the Office of Technology. This Privacy Policy covers both the E.O.C.T.O. website ( and the Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus website ( The Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus is a branch of the E.O.C.T.O., so whenever the E.O.C.T.O. is referred to in this Policy, it also includes the Celestial Order and Temple of Olympus and its website. To make this notice easy to find, we make it available on our homepage and at every point where personally identifiable information may be requested.

Information Security
Strict electronic, physical, and managerial procedures have been employed to safeguard the security and integrity of information. Access to information is limited to authorized individuals. All E.O.C.T.O. officers, members, and volunteers are bound by this Policy. All other policies are subject to this Policy.

Personal Data Collection
The E.O.C.T.O. only uses obvious and affirmative methods of collecting personal data. You will always know when you are providing such information—either because you voluntarily fill out a form or decide to contact us electronically. We do not combine online information with outside sources and do not collect or maintain any information beyond that necessary to offer the E.O.C.T.O. sites and services.

Through our forms and listed contacts, you may choose to send us your legal and/or craft name, snail-mail address, email addresses, email content, and phone number.

Non-Personal Data Collection
We do use non-identifying cookies to provide easier site navigation, access to certain features, and generate aggregate data about how the E.O.C.T.O. websites are used. However, these cookies do not generate personal data, do not read personal data from your machine, and are never tied to anything that can be used to identify you. You can still use the E.O.C.T.O. sites if your browser is set to reject cookies.

Our site logs also generate non-identifying usage data—such as the number of hits, number of visits, site referrals, entry and exit pages, browser types, IP numbers, originating hosts, number of unique visitors, and top geographic locations of visitors (US State or Country only). Like cookies, these statistics are never tied to anything that could be used to identify you. Site statistics are only used to promote the sites and measure how the site is used.

Personal Data Sharing
Personal data is never bartered, leased, sold or shared with outside parties.

Only you can initiate requests involving sharing. Such requests are expressly described and highlighted below. If you are uncomfortable with any particular sharing, please avoid those specific request forms or affirmative check boxes (which are all clearly labeled).

Personal Data Use
The following is a complete list of all the different ways your personal data may be used by the E.O.C.T.O..

Reviewing & Correcting Personal Data
To later review, correct, or delete any other kind of maintained personal data, please email the Office of Technology.

United States Privacy Standards
The E.O.C.T.O. subscribes to the Fair Information Practices of the United States Federal Trade Commission and strives to provide meaningful notice, choice, security, and access. The E.O.C.T.O. also honors the FTC's Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (16 C.F.R. Part 312) and neither collects or maintains information from those actually known to be under the age of 13; nor does anything to attract those under the age of 13.

International Privacy Standards
The E.O.C.T.O. subscribes to the privacy provisions of the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, the Australian National Privacy Principles, the OECD, and the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles negotiated between the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) and the European Union (EU).

Recourse & Remedy
Should you have any unresolved concerns about our information practices, please contact our Master of Technology, Lord Dawn Blacksun, through the Office of Technology. If your concerns are not satisfied, you may also contact The State of Wisconsin’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Policy Limits & Policy Changes
This Policy is otherwise only limited by acts of the Gods; where necessary to protect individual safety, where required by legal process, or where you grant express permission. Should our practices change, this Policy will be immediately updated. Regardless of later updates, we will never use the information you submit under this current Policy in a new way without first obtaining your consent.